Visualize Software: Welcome

I find that creating software is very much an art or craft as much as it is a science. Below are a couple of quotes from Donald Knuth that explain this better than I could.

" Science is knowledge which we understand so well that we can teach it to a computer; and if we don't fully understand something, it is an art to deal with it. "

" We should continually be striving to transform every art into a science: in the process, we advance the art. "

One of the things that I find find exciting about creating software is that so much of it is still an art and there is so much to learn and discover and improve. I find it rewarding to take something that starts out as an idea and then to polish it until it turns into well formed product. The process isn't easy and there often a balance to be found between idealism and pragmatism and there’s always new ways to improve. Even though developing software ranges from challenging and fun to frustrating and is often somewhere in between there is always satisfaction in completing the journey.

The vision and process and creation are what I love about software development and a big reason why I picked the name visualize software for a domain.

The site contains some of my thoughts and experiences from creating using and using software and also information on some my hobbies. Many of the things I write are often for my own benefit to help me to remember the things I’ve done and learned, but I write them in hopes that they will be helpful to someone else. I hope you will find something useful and please reach out to me with any feedback or comments.